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The marginalised 

The Darfur region was known for conflicts between nomads and farmers, the tussle over scarce natural resources has been behind most of the problems, and they are often contained and settled through the prevailing tribal systems and norms. 


The rebels fighters of the Sudan Liberation Army control Jebel Marra since they started fighting the former president ousted Omar al-Bashir in order to defend themself against ethnic militias mostly Arabs called Janjaweed, as he used the Arab tribes in the region by arming and granting them the advantages in appropriating and settling the lands of the indigenous people of Darfur, which carried out attacks in coordination with the regular army, systematically raping women, displacing millions of families.


The Sudanese revolution succeeded to kick out the head of the former regime in April 2019, but accountability and justice of the criminals is a matter that the resistance committees in Sudan see as the only way to peace.

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