Madania, Sudan's revoltion 

Peaceful anger grows as violence against protesters increases. The resistance committees and various civil society organizations declared a revolutionary escalation asking for the outser of the military from the power and the establishment of a full civilian rule. This revolt claimimg « freedom, peace, justice » is the continuation of the revolution against the Omar Al-Bashir regime started in december 2018, and it have regained importance since the military coup by the putschist general Abdel Fattah Al-Burhan on the 25 October 2021. 


The pursuit of civil and peaceful disobedience can be explained by the high demands for accountability for the killing of more than 60 protesters in the aftermath of the coup. The protest is not running out of steam, but the brutal crackdown is increasingly dissuading Sudanese from taking to the streets. 

Even with extreme violence from the police and the security, on the third anniversary of the revolution, the protesters reached for once more the presidential Palace in Khartoum.